Spot Creative asked us to help illustrate the near future for Verizon.
The project called for interface design & animation, 3D modeling & animation as well as a bit of motion tracking. A montage and a few high res grabs here but more samples and details below the fold.


Below you will find a breakdown of the graphics and animations we created. Unfortunately, we did not handle final compositing and keying so a majority of the examples shown below are stills.

Multi-Screen Connectivity:

For these shots, we were asked to design an interface for a bicycle designer’s desktop as well as animate an online international video chat session and a bicycle design from inspiration to final render.

Intelligent Networks:

Next up was an interface for a “smart” treadmill that would recognize the user and call up presets and workouts. We were also asked to handle the motion tracking for these shots and Mocha did the job nicely.

Smart Devices:

Aside from final color correction, we handled a majority of the work for these shots. We created the “smart” meters as well as the parking meter app. The meters were built in Cinema 4D while the screens and the app were created and composited in After Effects. Mocha was used for the tracking.

Digital Medical Records:

An interactive x-ray on a tablet device.

Machine to Machine:

The last element to be designed was an interactive café table that illustrated a seamless network. Here, the table is shown to sync with the smartphone and allow the user to share photos as well as pay for additional time on the parking meter.