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For this intimate one on one interview with Lebron James we were tasked with creating a color treatment and look for the show’s opening title sequence as well as bumpers, tune ins and ID’s.

After leaving the site and reel on the back burner for a while, we finally updated our reel with some recent work.

We recently updated this show open for NBATV. Continuing the use of still photographs instead of video clips we kept the original theme and titlecard while updating the look of the open.

We created a quick titlecard and lower third ID’s for this show about how NBA players give back to the community in the offseason.

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Life After People is a show that discusses what the Earth might be like if humans no longer existed. We created a series of promo titlecards that reflect the erosion and destruction that is highlighted in the show. This effect is further echoed in transition elements and bugs used during other programs that appear on the network like Ax Men, Mad House & Pawn Stars.

Welcome to our newly updated website. This format will allow us to update with a little more frequency as well as expand on our latest work in greater detail. From adobe creative suite 5 download time to time we will also be able to share our creative process through job breakdowns and experimental projects.